Night Sky Binocular Backpack Kit


Additional Books



Cornerstones of Science now offers a Night Sky Binocular Backpack kit, available as a next step to your library telescope program, or as a first step. The kit includes:

  • a pair of 7×50 Celestron binoculars
  • a constellation finder
  • a switchable white- and red-light headlamp
  • Two books: Audubon Pocket Constellation Guide, and The Secret Galaxy by Maine author Fran Hodgkins
  • Short quick-start guides on how to use the items

It all fits nicely into an easy to carry (and easy to see) bright orange backpack. To make it more family-friendly, we’re also offering two more books as an optional add-on: Zoo in the Sky by Jaqueline Mitton, and Find the Stars by H.A. Rey, for just $35 more.

Keep patrons interested in space science for years to come with this Night Sky Binocular Backpack – an easy STEM item for the library to circulate out.