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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon — We Discovered Earth!

Date: 4/30/2018
Start Time: 5:30 PM
End Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick

In collaboration with Maine Space Day and Curtis Memorial Library, Cornerstones of Science is hosting Brian Ewenson, an aerospace expert and educator, who will present on the awe-inspiring aspects of the Earth. This free public presentation is a great way to expand upon Earth Day and to think about everyday as Earth Day.


In 1968, the first time astronauts left the confines of Earth orbit, we saw our home planet in its entirety for the first time. While reaching for the Moon, we came back with a much greater appreciation of the fragility of planet Earth and it provided us a platform to observe the seasons and cycles of the planet, as well as natural and man-made changes. Come along on a voyage to the home planet, explore the continents, discover a world without lines on a map, and test your geography skills.

Brian Ewenson is recognized as a top aerospace expert in Canada and NASA’s Space programs. He shares his experiences as an aerospace educator with over 100,000 youth each year across North America in a hands-on/minds-on presentation using authentic space program hardware.

With 25 years spent collecting memorabilia and supporting manned space flight, Brian has amassed one of the largest collections of space-related memorabilia in North America. He has launched community artifacts and designed youth experiments that have flown on five shuttle missions and has hosted over 25 astronaut appearances. Brian recently directed partner activities for a world-wide space education program called “Space Day”.  He has designed, developed and interpreted four permanent museum exhibits, including participation in Spaceport Calgary, the World’s first permanent air and space education facility located in an international airport. Brian regularly appears in newspapers, and on radio and TV as a space expert with CTV, CBC and CNN Headline News Local Edition.


“Recognized as one of the top space educators in Canada”- Calgary Herald October 17, 1998

“Kids get a lesson out of this world” – Montreal Gazette January 16, 2003

“This (presentation) was very detailed, I thought they just buckled their seatbelts and went…I felt like I was on a trip myself” – (Grace Chow Grade 5 Student) Montreal Gazette Jan.16, 2003

“He (Brian) took them from launch to landing of the shuttle, captivating his audience with slides, video and hands-on demonstrations, as “oohs” and “ahhs” erupted from the excited crowd”- Daily Mail, Hagerstown, Maryland Feb.2, 2003

“Citizens of the Universe… title, perhaps not inappropriate for Ewenson’s young audience…if they take anything away from today’s assembly, it is this: Reach for the Stars, and one day, you will get them.” – Picket News, Tri-State, Washington County, Maryland Feb.2, 2003

Spaceport Sheboygan, WI (Director of Education)
Board of Directors Scientek-12 Foundation
Arizona Aerospace Foundation
Instrumentation Technology Associates, Inc. (Consultant Student Outreach)
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Educator Associate/ Officer of Tucson AIAA)
National Air and Space Society (Member)
Space Day (Former Director of Partner Activities)Alexandria, Virginia 22311
Aerospace Museum of Calgary (Former Director of Education)
Canadian Space Agency (Former Communications/Education Outreach employee)
City of Calgary Educator of the Year 2000