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Hal Grodzins photoWe are excited to bring on our newest Cornerstones of Science board member, Hal Grodzins, son of CoS Founder, Lee Grodzins.

Hal Grodzins is Chief Development Officer and a Director of Sabia, Inc., a global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) technology. A longtime instrumentation business executive, Mr. Grodzins has decades of experience in all aspects of business management, including executive management, M&A, strategic planning, technology development and global business development.

Prior to joining Sabia, Mr. Grodzins was Cofounder, Chairman, President and CEO of Viken Detection Corporation, a pioneer in homeland security x-ray imaging and analytical devices; former Chairman, President and CEO of Niton Corp., the company that invented handheld x-ray instrumentation; former Managing Director of Niton Europe GmbH and Niton Asia Ltd.; former Executive Consultant to the CEO of the Rigaku Group of Companies; Founder of Rigaku Analytical Devices, Inc.; and former Vice President of Research and Development of the instrumentation division of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Prior to joining the instrumentation industry, Mr. Grodzins worked as bond trader–broker at a boutique Wall Street firm, Stoever Glass & Co. Mr. Grodzins is former Chairman of the Fulcrum Foundation and a former director of several private companies. He is the inventor and co–inventor of patents in x-ray fluorescence and optical emission spectroscopy; winner of the 2003 R&D 100 Award as principal designer of Niton’s XLt Series XRF analyzers; and winner of national awards for sales and product presentation.

Mr. Grodzins resides in Arlington, Massachusetts.

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