Heat is On: The Climate Crisis, the Cover-up, the Prescription (The High Stakes Battle Over Earth’s Threatened Climate)
A passionate and candid account of the science and politics of the global warming debate.
author: Ross Gelbspan
Nominated to be a Cornerstone by Lee Grodzins
Hen’s Teeth and Horses Toes: Further Reflections in Natural History
A collection of natural history essays. Topic Headings: Sensible Oddities; Personalities; Adaptation & Development; Teilhard & Piltdown; Science & Politics; Extinction; A Zebra Trilogy. Includes black…
author: Stephen Jay Gould
Hidden Evidence
An anthology of true crime cases and how forensic science was used to solve them. From the gathering of physical clues, to the examination of weapons and bodies, to the use of DNA testing, this book …
author: David Owen

Historical Perspectives on Climate Change
History of ideas concerning climate change dating from the Enlightenment to the present. Written clearly, with minimal technical jargon. Fleming traces the origin and development of earlier ideas ab…
author: James Rodger Fleming
Hollywood Science – Movies, Science & the End of the World
Science fiction films can be an exciting introduction to the workings of science and technology, exploring a range of complex topics in accessible ways, but “Hollywood science” can be erroneous, disto…
author: Sidney Perkowitz
Nominated to be a Cornerstone by 100+ List
Hot Zone – A Terrifying True Story
Describes the Ebola virus outbreak in a suburban Washington, D.C. laboratory in 1989 and the dangerous, unprecedented attempts to contain it. Also explores how the destruction of tropical wildernesse…
author: Richard Preston
How the Earth Was Made (DVD)
Journey in time to the erupting volcanoes that created Earth’s crust, to the depths of the ocean that housed the first complex creatures, through devastating ice ages, and finally to the future, when …
author: History Channel
How to Dunk a Doughnut: The Science of Everyday Life
An entertaining look at the scientific mysteries of daily life by the winner of the Ignobel Prize in physics.
author: Len Fisher

Nominated to be a Cornerstone by Lee Grodzins
How to Lie With Maps
First introducing basic principles of mapmaking such as scale, projections, symbols and generalization, Monmonier then moves on to how maps are – sometimes deliberately, sometimes not – distorted and …
author: Mark Monmonier
Hungry Planet – What the World Eats
“30 Families. 24 Countries. 600 Meals. 1 Extraordinary Book.” D’Aluisio and photographer Peter Menzel travel to each country and visit local families, photographing a week’s worth of food at each hou…
author: Faith D’Aluisio, Peter Menzel
Hunt for the Dawn Monkey: Unearthing the Origins of Monkeys, Apes, and Humans
A journey back 45 million years into our evolutionary roots and a reconstruction of humans’ extended family tree.
author: Chris Beard