STEM Equity Framework Project

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Invitation to apply: Become a Pilot Library

Project Overview

The state libraries in Connecticut, Idaho, and Maryland, in partnership with Cornerstones of Science, invite library directors, branch managers and administrators to participate in the STEM Equity Framework project as a Pilot Library. The STEM Equity Framework project is made possible through the support of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian grant program (Award # RE-250085-OLS-21). Our project partners include OCLC/WebJunction; University of Missouri; and The Institute for Innovative Learning.

The STEM Equity Framework project seeks to build the capacity of state, public and county library directors, managers and administrators to enhance their leadership and operational capacities needed to provide equitable access to services and resources around relevant science-based community issues, such as public health and water quality, as examples, to all community members.

Invitation to Apply

We are seeking library directors, branch managers and senior management, interested affecting change in their library and their community, to become a pilot library. Your participation as a pilot library will:

  • Assess and strengthen your leadership and operational skills to create an equitable, inclusive STEM Equity library culture, programs, and services.
  • Create an operational plan and strategies for your library. It will improve both internal and external operational and engagement capacities needed to create an equitable, accessible library to all members of your community that focuses on the science aspects of a local issue of concern.
  • Improve and refine the STEM Equity Framework and professional development resources for use by the nation’s library community.

During the two Zoom information sessions that we held in June, there were questions about the project calendar and the activities the pilot libraries would do. Throughout the project, pilot library directors will be participating in a suite of professional development experiences designed to to offer dedicated time and space to reflect, set goals and develop action plans to strengthen your leadership skills, and catalyze equitable, inclusive access and shared leadership within your institutions and with members and leaders around a meaningful science-based issue affecting your community. Click here (PDF) to get an overview of the STEM Equity Library Director Leadership Institute.

Three pilot libraries in each of the three states will be selected through a competitive process to participate. The pilot library initiative will begin in October 2022 and conclude in June 2023.

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    Meet with community leaders and representatives of local governmentParticipate in a STEM Equity Leadership Team comprised of branch manager/other senior management staff; staff, community engagement; representative from local govt; local leaders representing the identified science-based community issues and people who are most affected by the issueConduct STEM equity operational planning for your libraryParticipate in pilot library and state library meetingsParticipate in the STEM equity professional development series

    This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (Grant number RE-250085-OLS-21). The views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed here do not necessarily represent those of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.