Cornerstones of Science STAR (Sharing Telescopes and Astronomy Resources) Program

Cornerstones of Science works with libraries to create experiences of science that spark curiosity and foster a deeper connection to the world around us.

Cornerstones of Science acts as a catalyst, linking public libraries with scientists to bring science alive in communities. Our programs, workshops, scientific tools and resources, such as the STAR Program, Science Provider Network and Science Trunks, are all designed to help librarians become the local champions of science empowering them to connect people, of all ages, in scientific exploration, build scientific knowledge, and help them understand how science informs their decisions on a daily basis.

We invite you to visit the Cornerstones website at for more information on the programs, supports and services we can offer to your public library.

The STAR (Sharing Telescopes and Astronomical Resources) Program:

The STAR Program is designed to foster curiosity and deepen interest in astronomy and the night skies by providing quality telescopes and “hands-on” training to public libraries for use in science programs and for lending to patrons. The STAR Program, one of Cornerstones’ Loanable Scientific Tools initiatives, provides ongoing opportunities for the public to make first-hand scientific observations. The program was initiated in 2012 and is now in over 150 public libraries around the United States.

The STAR Program consists of the following components:

  1. A modified Orion 4.5” Starblast Reflector Telescope that is rugged enough to loan out to library patrons.
  2. Education Kit/Accessory Pack – an instruction manual, constellation guide book, red/white flashlight, and lens pen
  3. Library Partner Training on how to use the telescope as well as successfully engaging your patrons in the exploration of the night skies, and how to circulate the scope!
  4. Access to knowledgeable mentors and support from both Cornerstones of Science as well as local astronomy clubs found around the state for library programs, science cafes, advice and support
  5. Access to Science Trunks (Maine only), a traveling user-friendly kit filled with hands-on activities that engage both adults and children that librarians can use in programs or share on display.

Review and Order Telescopes

scope  bag