Nominated to be a Cornerstone by 100+ List, Pulitzer Prize 1988, Nationl Bk Aw 1997
Making of the Atomic Bomb
Tells the story of how the bomb was developed, from the discovery of the energy inside an atom, to the first bombs dropped on Japan. A thorough treatment, looked at from the human, political, and sci…
author: Richard Rhodes
Making of the Fittest: DNA and the Ultimate Forensic Record of Evolution
Describes how scientists are using DNA as a living record of evolution and their surprising findings.
author: Sean B. Carroll

Man Who Changed How Boys and Toys Were Made
Chronicles the life of A.C. Gilbert, a man who never lost his boy-at-heart, and was the inventor of the Erector Sets, as well as an Olympic pole-vaulter, magician, doctor, marketing genius, and radio …
author: Bruce Watson
Man Who Loved Only Numbers: The Story of Paul Erdös and the Search for Mathematical Truth
An engaging biography of the eccentric , homeless, and brilliant mathematician Paul Erdös, who travelled the world in pursuit of his love of numbers.
author: Paul Hoffman
Mapping Human History: Discovering the Past Through Our Genes
Olson describes the African origins of modern humans and the migration of our ancestors throughout the world. In his geneology of humanity, he shows how groups of people differ and yet are the same, …
author: Steve Olson
Mapping the Deep – The Extraordinary Story of Ocean Science
The ocean, covering seven-tenths of the planet, is largely unexplored, yet explorations of its hidden depths over the last 50 years have completely transformed our view of it. Kunzig explores what is…
author: Robert Kunzig
Marathon Challenge (DVD)
Team NOVA gathered 13 self-professed sedentary people and took them on a nine-month journey of running, with the goal of completing the Boston Marathon. The personal stories of the runners, as well as…
author: NOVA

Nominated to be a Cornerstone by LA Times, Bio 1995
Marie Curie – A Life
Biography of Marie Curie, the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize, and one of only a few people to receive a second. Quinn used family documents as well as Curie’s journal, unavailable to researcher…
author: Susan Quinn
MARS: Dead or Alive (DVD)
An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at NASA’s successful mission to Mars. This video follows scientists and engineers as they design and build the Spirit and Opportunity rovers. NOVA rejoins the mis…
author: NOVA, WGBH, Boston
Nominated to be a Cornerstone by American Bk. Award Science 1983
Mathematical Experience
The language of mathematics is the language of the universe, and here it is described – its purpose, nature, meaning, and its impact on the sciences and other fields. Includes a glossary and bibliogra…
author: Philip J. Davis & Reuben Hersh
Nominated to be a Cornerstone by Lee Grodzins
Mathematical Mysteries: The Beauty and Magic of Numbers
A lively account , through the exploration of equations, of the dawn and rise of mathematics, from the natural counting numbers, to its evolution through necessity, and to the still yet unanswered que…
author: Calvin C. Clawson
Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World
An engaging biography of English chemist, William Perkin, and his accidental discovery in 1856 which revolutionized chemistry and the dye industry. Includes eight pages of photos.
author: Simon Garfield

Nominated to be a Cornerstone by Pulitzer 1980, American Book Award 1981
Medusa and the Snail: More Notes of a Biology Watcher
Pultizer Prize winning collection of essays which includes thoughts about committees, natural death, the health-care system, premedical curriculum, and embryology.
author: Lewis Thomas
Nominated to be a Cornerstone by Lee Grodzins
Men of Mathematics: The Lives and Achievements of the Great Mathematicians from Zeno to Poincaré
Beginning in the fifth century BC with Zeno through to the early 20th century and ending with Cantor, Bell provides insight into the minds and work of the mathematicians who made significant contribut…
author: E. T. Bell
Mendel in the Kitchen: A Scientist’s View of Genetically Modified Foods
A fascinating and very readable history of agricultural modification and lore since the 1700’s and a scientific look at today’s genetically engineered foods.
author: Nina Fedoroff & Nancy Marie Brown
Merchants of Immortality: Chasing the Dream of Human Life Extension
A look at the issues, the people – scientists and entrepreneurs – and the science of life span extension. The aging process, cloning, diet, youth enhancing drugs and stem cell therapy are discussed.
author: Stephen S. Hall
Nominated to be a Cornerstone by National Book Critics Circle Award 1982
Mismeasure of Man
A history of man’s urge to classify and determine the intelligence of his fellow man, from craniometry to IQ tests, and the consequences of such pigeonholing. Includes black & white illustrations.
author: Stephen Jay Gould

Beginning with a tiny egg laid on a milkweed plant in Maine, this book traces the lifecycle of the monarch butterfly from caterpillar to chrysalis, and its journey south of more than 2000 miles. Two …
author: Kathryn Lasky
Monkey in the Mirror – Essays on the Science of What Makes us Human
Eight essays on evolutionary theory in which the author attempts to answer the most controversial questions on human origin – what makes us different from all other species, and how did we get this wa…
author: Ian Tattersall
Monster of God: The Man-eating Predator in the Jungles of History and the MindClick for more of the annotation or write your own review for this book. Click on link.
An historic look at humans relationship with man-eating predators through the exploration of science, literature, art, and myth.
author: David Quammen
Mr. Tompkins in PaperbackClick for more of the annotation or write your own review for this book. Click on link.
This is the updated versions of both of Gamow’s physics classics for the layman; Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland, and Mr. Tompkins Explores the Atom. Explains the central concepts of modern physics in the…
author: George Gamow
Murals – Cave, Cathedral, to StreetClick for more of the annotation or write your own review for this book. Click on link.
Not all great paintings in the world hang in museums. This book looks at murals on walls and ceilings in caves, tombs, cathedrals, temples, and government buildings, as well as those found outdoors o…
author: Michael Capek

My Mom’s Having a Baby!Click for more of the annotation or write your own review for this book. Click on link.
Explanation of pregnancy and childbirth through the narration of a young child who is soon to become a big sister. Includes description and illustration of the sex organs and a description of sexual i…
author: Dori Hillestad Butler