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October, 2013

Executive Director Article: Catalyzing Scientific Exploration; In the News: Fall Science Read – The Swordfish Hunters; In the Spotlight: Bigelow Laboratory Scientists Study the Chemistry of Ocean Life; Cornerstones News: The STAR Program, Telescope Happenings; Websites of the Month: Celebrating National Chemistry Week October 20-26; Library Partners: Makers Fair submissions – Prince Memorial Library, “Adventure” backpacks – Merrill Memorial Library

September, 2013

Guest Article: Your Eyes as Time Machines; In the News: Robotics Train-the-Trainer Workshop; In the Spotlight: The Acadia Night Sky Festival; Book Recommendations: Night Sky – watching the universe outside your window & Stardust to Planets – A Geological Tour of the Solar System; Websites of the Month: Investigating Gravitational Lenses, Black Holes and Our Solar System; Library Partners: John Conrad, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador – Shaw Public Library

August, 2013

Introducing the new Cornerstones Logo, tagline and website; In the News: Midcoast Mini Maker Faire – Camden Public Library; In the Spotlight: Cornerstones Science Trunks and 4-H Toolkits; Book Recommendations; Websites of the Month: Investigating Weather, Climate Change and Global Weather Systems; Library Partners: Young Engineers Club – The Auburn Public Library;

June, 2013

Dig into Reading; Dr. Neill De Paoli: Digging into the Past; Rescue Archeology; Read, Write and Win Finalists; Book Recommendations; Celebrating the Science of Archaeology, Rock Hounding and Paleontology; Library partner Dig into Reading activities: Tempe Public Library, AZ and Patten Free Library, Maine

May, 2013

The hidden costs of light pollution; Ron Thompson: Astronomer, Tinkerer and Cornerstones Telescope Guru; Chris Christopher Cassidy: Astronaut and Maine native; Space Day; Book Recommendations; Celebrating the Science of Astronomy and the Universe; Portland Public Library Presentation: Chambered Nautilus

April, 2013

Appreciating the impact of our search for the perfect yard; Windham Public Library – Citizen Science: Monarch Butterfly Program; Book recommendations;  Celebrating the Science of Plants, Kites and Wildlife

March, 2013

CoS and Science Literacy;  York Reads: Rachel Carson – Her Life and Legacy;  Pew Research Center: CoS Library Partners and the Library Telescope Program;  Read, Write and Win;  Mathematics Awareness Month: Mathematics of Sustainability;  Websites of the Month: Celebrating the Science of Girls Health, Glaciers and the Iliad;  Prince Memorial Library: Engineering is Everywhere

 February, 2013

Review of the CoS Library Partner Summit meeting held on December 6th, 2012;  Book talk by Andrew Barton: Ecology of the Ever-Changing Maine Forest held at Curtis Memorial Library;  Maine State Science Fair hosted by Jackson Laboratory;  New CoS programs: The Science of Me and Science of Sustainability;  Websites of the Month: Celebrating the Science of Music, Volcanos, Weather Forecasting and Science News;  Library Partners: Lewiston Public Library – Science Explorers & Young Frankenstein Storytime

 January, 2013

Auburn Public Library – CREATE! Media Lab;  A New York Times article about the role that libraries are playing in providing internet access for their patrons; Science Trunks from CoS; Websites of the Month; library member news: Jesup Memorial Library: telescope program, Camden Public Library: Elephant Discovery Kit, McArthur Library: February Vacation Programs, Prince Memorial Library: Stories, Songs, Crafts and Science.

December, 2012

Reflections on CoS;  Websites of the Month: Celebrating the Night Sky Network and How Publishing and Reading are Changing;  Book Spotlight: The Swerve – How the World Became Modern, by Stephen Greenblatt;  Skidompha Library: Sounds Like Science