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November November/December 2011
As the night sky comes earlier each day, explore astronomy through these great sites for kids, teens & adults
Websites Astronomy
October In October, celebrate change from those who planted trees, explored dark energy, and designed great technology.
In this season of change we recognize the work of world visionaries: ecologist Wangari Maathi (Green Belt founder), the recent Nobel Prize winners (Physics), and inventor Steve Jobs (Apple co-founder).
Websites News, science
September Earth Cam technology, World Wildlife Fund history, and Ocean Conservancy efforts
This month we recognize the 10-year anniversary of September 11th, 50 years of the World Wildlife Fund and the annual International Coastal Cleanup on Sep 17th
Websites News, science
August In August, learn more about Astronomy, Bats, and a milestone in Communications techonology.
Celebrate the end of summer with starry night skies, bats, and the first Trans-Atlantic Cable
Websites Science, general
July In July, follow the last Space Shuttle, explore National Parks and more…
Find out more about the Shuttle Program, Photography, National Parks and the World’s First Zoo!
Websites News, science
June In June, celebrate World Oceans Day, the Summer Solstice and more…
Find out about life in the ocean, Jacques Cousteau, and the tragic story of Galileo.
Websites Oceans & Oceanography
May Celebrating Exploration & Teaching
Celebrate teachers and the inquisitive minds they help nurture and inspire to become astronauts, nobel prize winning scientists, and science-loving people.
Websites Science, general
April Celebrate Earth Day, da Vinci, and ocean science…
Celebrate, get a free DVD for teachers and librarians, enter an essay contest!
Websites Oceans & Oceanography
March Women’s History Month
Celebrate women in science and learn about science scholarships for women.
Websites Women in Science
February Celebrate Science during February Holidays!
Discover the science behind an entire month of celebrations!
Websites Science, general
January A New Year of Science Adventure
No need to be bored on those snow-bound days. Connect to a daily dose of science, and also learn about calendars, watches, and time.
Websites Calendars
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December Winter Fun for Everyone!
Exercise your brain, make virtual snowflakes, and learn how snow crystals form.
Websites Weather / Meteorology
November Changing Seasons
Journey through the seasons with us this month. You’ll learn about Maine’s famous fall colors, the science of snow & ice, and the Spring science site we selected will help you get the jump on springtime!
Websites Lifecycles & Seasonal Changes
October Sustainable Agriculture
Learn about local harvests, growing vegtables without chemicals, and visit the 4H virtual farming website
Websites Activity Guide or Experiments
September The Science Behind Sports
Learn about everything from the physics behind hockey pucks and baseballs, proper nutrition for active teens, and how to keep your knees safe from injury while participating in sports.
Websites Sports, Science of
August Camping, Appreciating the Natural Wilderness
Nature is fantastic, and camping is a great way of appreciating it without harming it. These websites are fun and informative resources to check out before, during, and after your camping trip!
Websites Survival
July Bugs aren’t Pests, They’re Friends!
We often think insects are annoying… They flying around our heads, crawl on our food, and eat up our vegetables. Explore these websites, though, and you’ll learn that insects are actually a very cool part of our world, and we couldn’t survive without them around!
Websites Insects & Entomology
June Explore Your World
Websites to help you identify trees and seashells, explore the ocean depths, and view nesting peregrine falcons via a webcam.
Websites Natural History
May Spring Websites
Nesting birds, wildflowers, pollinators, and rainbows – all part of the excitement of spring. This month’s websites are a great reference for identifying all that you see while out and about this spring.
Websites Birds / Ornithology
April Earth Day Websites
April means Earth Day and National Poetry Month; see how we’ve combined them both in this month’s websites.
Websites Sustainable Living
February Your Brain: How it Works, & What You Need to Know to Keep it Healthy
From fun brain teasers to scientific explanations of how the brain works, this month’s websites will keep you interested and informed.
Websites Activity Guide or Experiments