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Telescopes give us a powerful way to view objects in the night sky, to get outside, and to experience the wonders of the universe.

Cornerstones of Science fosters interest in astronomy by getting high-quality Orion 4.5” StarBlast telescopes into the hands of the public through the public library system. We work with public libraries either directly, or through amateur astronomy clubs and others interested in offering this hands-on science tool to communities. Telescopes can be offered as a take-home for patrons and as programmatic tool at the library. The Cornerstones of Science Library Telescope Program is active in 28 states across America and growing.


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Binocular Backpack Kit

Night Sky Binocular Backpack kit photo, showing binoculars and accessoriesCornerstones of Science now has a Night Sky Binocular Backpack kit available as a next step to your library telescope program or as a first step. The kit is available for purchase and comes with a pair of 7×50 Celestron binoculars, a constellation finder, a red and white light headlamp, and two books- Audubon Pocket Constellation Guide and The Secret Galaxy by Maine author Fran Hodgkins. It all fits nicely into an easy to carry (and easy to see) bright orange backpack.

Short quick guides on how-to use the items are included, and optional books are available to make the kit more family-friendly.


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**Starting January 1, 2022**

CoS is shipping Library Telescopes and Binocular Kits 3 times a Year Only!

CoS Library Telescopes and Binocular Kits purchased from:

  • January to April will ship in mid-May;
  • May to August will ship in mid-September;
  • September to December will ship in mid-January

(shipping dates subject to change due to supply chain issues and contingent on payment received)